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Cobra Capital
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Cobra Capital

The Niche

Solutions that work® Brokers, vendors, lessors, commercial bankers, CPA's and attorneys all benefit from our entrepreneurial approach to funding the commercial equipment needs of small and mid-size businesses. Cobra helps you differentiate your company from the competition by providing creative capital alternatives to finance your client's commercial equipment needs. Mature companies that require competitive rates. Young businesses which represent growth markets for your organization but require a customized process.

Simple Concepts - Candid Results™ Cobra underwrites, documents, funds for its own account and services your clients in the most entrepreneurial fashion. Quick - Decisive - Accurate. No bureaucracy. No doubletalk. We solve your most challenging opportunities the best way. The Cobra way.

The Model

The Cobra Capital business model was carefully conceived over the last 32 years by its founder, a Certified Public Accountant with a Commercial Banking and Treasury background from two major Chicago banks. The past three decades were an ideal testing period for underwriting and servicing small business and middle market relationships. Our underwriting process is extremely hands-on and thorough. Credit scoring is only one component in our underwriting process. Our primary focus is on quality management teams who can demonstrate a proven track record of funding and managing a growth-oriented firm.

Speed, decisiveness and precision are the means by which we differentiate ourselves from the competition. Our experience in evaluating a wide variety of business models provides Cobra with a competitive advantage. Cobra is a privately held capital services company with an entrepreneurial approach. Cobra's founder is a high-energy CPA/Banker from Chicago. Dale R. Kluga previously founded three niche-oriented Chicago based bank leasing services firms, one of which was acquired by Bank of America.

Can we help you? Email us at or call us at 630-985-3500 and we will respond. The Cobra Way.